Board and chalk were the tools to teach.
As teachers of 21st century, we need to face the new shifts in education and the challenges of using new tools and resources.

martes, 29 de diciembre de 2009

back to hwks

I have been thinking and worrying about how to teach critical thinking skills/strategies. Then it hit me:   teaching student's to be 'critical' - according to whose definition of 'critical'? Teacher? Teacher trainer? Student? Academic?
who is a critical thinker?, the one who questions? not an easy task or role.

New language

Surfing the net?, I don´t even know how to swim!!
but that is what makes languages fantastic. Language shows the creativity we have to put together words and make sense of a new reality: cyber space.
I am surfing the net, and I love it.
It demands to remind ourselves our task because we can get lost in the wide variety of information.
I am sure how digital natives handle this fact, or how they digest all the pieces of the puzzle.
I just hope they have time to reflect on what they are finding, reading, learning and studying.

more spinning wheels

Wall-e has provided another component to reflect on: human contact. I laughed at first when those people in read started falling out of their chairs. I didn´t laught a couple of days ago when I watched again at home.
All of them were using tech, and they were even living on it, and by it.
I know it is a movie but it made me wonder, ´cuz I also watched an episode in "two and a half men" in which a girl is chating to a buy using computers of course but sitting in the SAME couch at the same time!!
Would we be computer´s adicts?, in a way that computers will read the world surrounding us?
those people did not notice daylight until the computer told to change the color!
and those 2 kids were laughing at a computer, instead of seeing each other and laughing with each other.
Is that what is waiting for us in the future?
don´t know ... I better concentrate in my hwks and not notice the spinning wheels now.

sábado, 26 de diciembre de 2009


I have high hopes with online education:
1.- Student center class.- since we have a direct contact with our students, no matter their number in class, we can have a real student center process. They tells us what they think, they show us what they can do, they share more pieces of information.
How can we (teachers) help them shape their world with critical knowledge?,
well, feedback is a key element. By giving constructive feedback we can keep their ideas rolling and growing. With appropiate feedback we can guide them in their ideas to develope their own.

2.- Peace.- Reading, learning, thinking about a new theory, content or experience students can concentrate in one thing only: their task. Without having the influence of how people looks like I strongly believe that we can create relationships based on knowledge. As long as more teachers involve their students in tech for their hwks, we slowly develope a community interested in results and team work. Diverstiy, tolerance will come along the learning process.

Paulo Freire´s principles

As a result of the education in the 70´s I became aware of the importance of freedom in education. I believe that teachers are instruments for freedom since we are killing the most unfair enemy: ignorance. Teacher role has to be as a facilitator and worker in developing a learning process that will guide students outside their chairs, and liberating their minds.
Online education is a challenge for me. Not only trying to catching up with the technology and its development but because I try to connect Freire´s principles with the tools young learners have nowadays.