Board and chalk were the tools to teach.
As teachers of 21st century, we need to face the new shifts in education and the challenges of using new tools and resources.

martes, 13 de abril de 2010

surfing the shift

When I started this blog I was so happy because I felt like having a diary to write about some experiences. I wanted to write and share ideas about how I was being transformed with my learning of tech and different ways of using some of the sources that exist "out there" in the virtual world.
After reading Jennifer Moon´s article about refletion and education I think that this blog is the place where I can still write and share my experiences but also start reflecting on the process of being transformed and the connections that I can make with my future students.
the shifts in educations are already here: in my mind and in my perspective of future classes. Right now I am on the wave of technology and how I can use my previous knowledge to adapt, work and succeed in my role as an on line teacher. Wish me luck!
Invitation to readers: maybe we can share your experience and learning, wouldn´t it be great?