Board and chalk were the tools to teach.
As teachers of 21st century, we need to face the new shifts in education and the challenges of using new tools and resources.

viernes, 1 de noviembre de 2013

"If we teach today´s students as we taught yesterday´s, we rob them of tomorrow". J. Dewey.

This was said back in 1944 and I believe it still makes sense.
No matter the "generation" ours students belong to, and with whom we have to work with. No matter if it is in a f2f course, or at a blended course, and even an online course, teachers should teach in such way that students will be successful for their future life, and future roles.

The question is how do we that?, How do we teach our students in such way that they will be successfull in learning the content of our course and apply that content in their lives? Well, Dewey wrote different books, papers, and articles about the relationship between education and social processes. He considered that education and learning are social an interactive processes. Can we disagree with this concept or with Dewey? I think that will be hard to do.

Students nowadays clearly show the need of learning by doing, learning from experience, learning through hands on opportunities presented by the teacher.  Teachers now more than ever need to create in the classrooms environments that will allow and enhance their experience with the content of our course. From the interaction between the content and the experience and the student confronting both learning is produced.

Since we are language teachers in a country that is not bilingual, we should transform our classrooms into environment in which students could be inmerse in the language they are learning. What challenge that is, don´t you agree? How can we make that transformation?, Is it only in the outside that such transformation is required?, If that transformation a matter of geography in the room?, Or should it come from within the teachers?.

These are few of the questions that I still reflect on.